Hippie Goes Lucky Kombucha


Hi there!

Maybe you’ve heard of my homemade Kombucha or you’ve tasted it at a festival. I love making this  fermented tea full of goodness. Hit me up if you would like me to do a workshop!

I think Kombucha is best when it is brewed at home, made with love. If you live around Albany you can grab a bottle at Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre. Prema cafe is also selling it proudly.



What actually is Kombucha?

Kombucha is fermented tea. When the tea is brewed a lot of sugar is added to it. However this sugar does not remain in the drink but is completely eaten up by the magical SCOBY. SCOBY is the abbreviation for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria (and) Yeast. It looks a bit like a floating pancake. It’s texture is firm and soft. The SCOBY’s job is to ferment the tea. Even after months of brewing Kombucha I still think what they do is a bit magical!

Kombucha is ready to drink after a couple of days, depending on the room temperature and on how soft or strong you like it. Kombucha that was left quite long in the jar tastes more and more like (and finally becomes) vinegar. I like my Kombucha quite young. I want to make sure the sugar is eaten up but I still want a fruity flavor.

These are my favorite tastes so far:



For all my Kombucha I use filtered water. The raw sugar that is added in the beginning of the process is all eaten up by the living bacteria and yeast culture. So when you harvest the Kombucha there is no sugar left. The fermented tea is very good for your gut bacteria and tastes yummy, especially when served chilled.