I’ve always been a gipsy at heart and it feels so good to follow this inner call to travel, explore and evolve since I sold all my belongings in 2015!

India has definitely changed my life. No other country has brought me in touch with my true, creative, spiritual self as India did with its chaos, its beauty, its culture and its contrasts. My journey has brought me to New Zealand where I live and work at a yoga retreat centre in Auckland at the moment.

My blog evolved from a travel blog to a space where I share my thoughts and my personal path, hoping to inspire readers and to open up unconventional perspectives. This encompasses all different levels of human experience – spiritual practices, physical experiences, emotions, thoughts, relationships.

Grown up in a religious christian surrounding my connection to God was always encouraged while strict values and concepts influenced my life choices heavily. From my own experience I know what it takes to break free and to take full responsibility for one’s own life. In the last 10 years I’ve worked intensively through childhood trauma and resulting anxiety, self-hatred and rejection. From the bottom of my heart I believe in healing. Our unconscious is very powerful, and if we go on a journey of self-discovery we can gain true understanding and compassion for our feelings and actions. Awareness is the stepping stone for development. By changing ourselves we change the world!

Apart from writing, painting, music and dance are also creative outlets of mine. You find my songs free to download and listen to on Soundcloud.

You can get in touch with me, using the form below or shooting me an email to hippiegoeslucky(ät)