By changing ourselves we change the world.

Welcome to Hippie Goes Lucky!

When starting to travel the world I rediscovered my passion for writing. All these new impressions, cultures and experiences needed to be channeled into something productive. That’s how Hippie Goes Lucky was born. You find all about traveling under the category backpacking.

Over time I felt not only drawn to writing about travel stories and backpacking but also about spiritual and cultural experiences. So the category spiritual journey was added which is a broad term and includes very different aspects of life. I am going through a transformation that is affecting every aspect of my life – the perception of myself, relationships, my body, my diet and lifestyle and how I connect with Spirit or God. Changing to a vegan diet was one of the very first and important steps of a spiritual awakening. The topic of veganism is very dear to my heart and I’m thrilled to see this movement growing for the animals, the planet and people’s health!

One of my soul’s language was always music, songs from the heart! Visit my homepage to learn more about the yoga classes and events where I share my music. I also offer individual yoga sessions and coaching.

I hope to inspire you and to show that a very different life is possible than the one you might be experiencing right now. If you hear this voice calling you to a life of abundance and freedom you know what I am talking about. Embrace change. It is by changing ourselves that we change the world.

Much love,